COLORE VIVO is a concept album with an atypical genesis: the idea was born from a sequence of images, as the soundtrack for a movie (never made) on the exploration of the uses and customs of archaic and mysterious populations. The soundscape he paints shows an extraordinary coherence in this. Bjondo is an artisan, as in the tradition of the great masters of the Italian Mondo Films, and it’s precisely to that manual knowledge, to that exploration and to those sounds that the disc is most recalled. The artist's research and his eclecticism translate into the wise use of rudimentary tools (bamboo, pieces of wood, stones, vases, necklaces and even a sort of self-made berimbau) to obtain unique and unclassifiable exotic sounds. His research on the evocative skills of primordial sounds breaks with the
narrowness of the genre and opens up to total experimentation. Each listening opens the window of imagination on other worlds. A dizzying look at the lost memory that is hidden inside each of us. A continuous (re) discovery!