Starting from the legendary Roland TR-707 WATAJ releases "Ottanta Sample Pack Vol.2 RR-070 Rhythm Composer"
29 drum SAMPLES in high quality sounds recorded and edited by Tony Pianola will bring you directly into the eighties.
Build your drum-line for your next electronic track!

A concept album in the shape of a Mondo Film

DJ Adjustments delivers one more time two dancefloor weapon!
Italian disco/ Electro-boogie featuring Enzo Conoga percussion on the B side, play and dance <3
DJ Adjustments® is an extensive collection for disk jockey use only

We re more than thrilled to announce Rossella! “The edits queen” is back again after almost four years signing the first release on GIUSY! “Lecca Lecca” house-kwaito on the a side + “Mezza Birra” is the latin carimbò edit on the b side

Limited pressing of 200 copies now available on presale !!


Santa Monica is the first 12 Maxi on WATAJ Recordings, featuring three track will bring you in a very hot scenarios.. from sunrise to after-sunset. Deep, nostalgic, evocative electronic-funk neo-disco composition



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