WATAJ PARTY pt. 7 From the start to the first morning light DJ SCM behind two turntables for a 7 hours extended dj set
WATAJ PARTY pt. 6 Welcome to Wataj party part 6, come early stay late!!! IMPORTANT: Conceived for party people only!!

WATAJ PARTY pt. 5 For the second time in Leipzig...is time to dance till the sunrise
WATAJ PARTY pt. 4 House, Fusion, World, Afro, Disco, Techno....Prepare your body

WATAJ PARTY pt. 3 we'll move to leipzig to join the Dr. Seltsam crew and Martin Hayes
WATAJ PARTY pt. 2 Come down on the dance floor and..stay watermenlon
WATAJ PARTY pt. 1 Warm Tapes Adjustment for its first "WATAJ Party" !!!

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